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I’m Sarah, a graduate student in math at Yale.

This is a blog about applied math and analysis. Some technical ideas, some broader impacts, and some student life/randomness.

The contents of this blog are, of course, my own thoughts and not the official positions of any school or employer I may be affiliated with. If anyone passing by finds mistakes in the math, or has anything to add, drop a comment to let me know!



1. hectorse - October 20, 2010

hey! how is grad school doing? it’s kicking my ass in here

2. Sarah - October 21, 2010

It’s fun, but I can’t wait to be through the first year.

3. Ragib - November 19, 2010

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say that I like this statement in your blog title, “The proper study of mankind is manifolds”. I am a graduate student in machine learning and computer vision, and one of my research projects involve manifolds. And I agree, the proper study of mankind IS manifolds 🙂

Nice blog!

PS: My sis is also at Yale

4. Leif Eriksson - April 3, 2011

Please contact me.

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