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Books for me April 26, 2010

Posted by Sarah in Uncategorized.

When this year is over — and I’m simultaneously thrilled and nostalgic about leaving college — I’m going to become a little math bookworm. I have all kinds of goodies freshly ordered from Amazon. Hopefully I can arrive at grad school a little less ignorant.

In order of my enthusiasm:

Stein’s Harmonic Analysis

Sternberg’s Group Theory and Physics

Hatcher’s Algebraic Topology

Atiyah and Macdonald’s Commutative Algebra

Doob’s Stochastic Processes.

Ooh baby ducks I have a lot to read.



1. Rahul Krishna - April 30, 2010

Hello Sarah!

Why Stein’s “Harmonic Analysis” instead of his other books in that series. I was planning on reading “Singular Integrals” first, and then moving on.
You should also look into some Algebraic Number Theory if you have the time. Milne’s notes are really good, and if you want to continue in that vein, his notes on Class Field Theory are also really good (although Cassels and Frohlich is the better place to learn that stuff). Also, if you want to do topology properly, I really feel like Milnor’s books are the best place to learn from. In particular, his “Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint” is really short, but really great. If you want to dive into the homology/cohomology thing, I think Hatcher’s good, although it’s a little too wordy and expository, and kinda tedious after a while.


Sarah - April 30, 2010

Why Harmonic Analysis? First, a professor told me I should read it; second, I want to know harmonic analysis for practical reasons. But if I find the other books are prerequisites I’ll get them too and play catch-up.

I have read Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint. The thing is, I took algebraic topology in school, but only with deRham cohomology, and I need to make friends with singular homology. Also Hatcher is used for my quals course. 🙂

Algebraic number theory? Well, I could give it a shot.

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